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Structure   (13.13.1)   Playing the Game  >  Ships  >  Tech Levels  >  Hull
For now, this is important to trading and building, though it may become important for attacking as well in version 1.00.

As far as trading, the bigger your hulls are, the more stuff you can buy and sell per trade, and the higher your profit. For max efficiency, always know how much your next upgrade costs, and as soon as you make that much, go buy it.

For building, the higher your hulls, the faster you can populate a planet, so you get more colonists per turn. It's pretty much up to you how much you want to upgrade. You've just got to use your sense.

And finally, a warning to new players: you are immune to mines until you get to 140 hulls on the main game, though this is subject to change from game to game. Find this number for your game. Again, on the main, before you upgrade to 140 hulls, or before you leave fed space (whichever comes second), make sure you have mine deflectors.

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