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Warp Links

Warp links are an important method of transportation in this game, found toward the lower right corner of the screen. They always take only one turn, no matter how far they take you. Before you can afford to upgrade engines in the beginning (I always dump cash into hulls) you'll be using these to move around and trade through. Also, warplinks are the only way to access SG sectors.

Note: In the beginning of the game, be wary. Don't take any warp you see; it may lead you out of Fed space without a way to get back. Not all warps go both ways.

One convenient thing is that warps are somewhat labeled. In an SG, the link that moves you back toward the entrance sector is marked <=>. If you didn't play before this and never tried attacking massive SGs in a methodical, efficient manner without knowing which way was out, you won't appreciate this, but it is great! Finally, warplinks to fed space are marked F>. In the beginning of the game, these are the ones you'll want to be using! EDIT:(MaxG) Also note that a two way link to a Federation sector is listed in green. That means if you can go to a sector and back, and the sector is in Federation space, its green, and that means it is safe. A sector the has the F> tag, but are not green, is a one-way link to a Federation sector, so be careful using them, as you may not be able to get back if you want to for some reason./EDIT

Being an attacker, I must mention warplinks and their use for sector missiles. When you think an enemy may be in a sector that you have a warp link to, hit the scan button next to the link, and if you've got sector missiles on board and you see 'em, you can sector missile them! And if you know where they are but don't have a link, go with a warp editor. That allows you to create your own warp link using energy and a minuscule amount of money. Then you can sector missile them.

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