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Types and Uses

As the game progresses, these are how most players make their money. They hold a max number of colonists equal to 40,000,000 times the average tech level, plus 1,000,000,000. The money they can hold also increases with average tech. This is very rapid exponential growth. As the planet gets more and more money on it, it makes money faster. It goes from it's normal rate (can be seen in settings) to up to three times that.

I should probably mention bases. Without a base you can't use dignitaries (look up these as they are also very important to planets), you can't upgrade techs, you can't hold more than 10,000,000 credits, and you can't have more than 1000000000 colonists. You can get a base by putting ten million credits, 10 thousand goods, ore, and organics onto the planet, and then hitting the "build base" button. Now you're ready!

As time goes on, you will build many planets, and make more and more money. There are many topics related to the broad topic of planets, and I suggest you read them. They include the planetary tech levels, dignitaries, sector genesis sectors, and so on.

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