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Structure   (16.14)   Playing the Game  >  Strategies  >  Trader
This is what everyone is at the beginning of the game, and what lucky is to the end ;)

This is really all you can do to get cash in the beginning since you don't have planets, there aren't many people to attack, attacking is difficult, and usually isn't profitable. And because spies get their money from attackers, spies are out too.

Basically, you'll want to upgrade hulls and trade through trade routes. Look for ports that buy at the highest prices. Selling prices will never change, but note that as you trade more, port prices will start to drop, so you'll need to find different routes. Once you get richer, you can invest in engines, allowing you to use many more real space trade routes.

Always know how much the next upgrade for your engines costs. I have a thing about good round numbers (multiples of five), and all my techs are almost always a multiple of five, but this isn't what you should do for hulls at all. You want to be as efficient as possible. Higher hulls means more money, so get higher hulls as fast as you can. The fewer turns you spend with lower hulls, the more efficient you are. Just trust me :P I promise, it'll save money.

One final note: you don't really want to be trading that much later in the game. Planets make much much more money than trading, and turns are better spent colonizing planets or searching the galaxy for people to attack.

Basically, you'll be trading in pioneers, columbuses, and endeavours. These are good ships for trading, and once you can afford bigger ships, you've got no business trading. Super cargos are bad because of their engines. They can't use many routes. You have to rely on warp links.

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