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Structure   (13.13.9)   Playing the Game  >  Ships  >  Tech Levels  >  Torpedos
Along with beams, these are your main offensive tech. They can be helpful, on occasion, against sector defenses as well, though this is uncommon (torps must be much higher than fighters for this to happen and you usually don't do that).

Basically, beams are good against shields, and torps are good against armor. Beams take out shields and then torps come in to blow up armor. If beams don't quite finish off shields, torps may be able to finish the job, but that's a good drop in efficiency.

I usually don't put too much money into torps because they don't do as much, in my opinion, as some other techs. They usually don't help against SD, and as long as your beams take out all the planet's shields, any number of torpedos does accumulative damage. It doesn't matter if your torps don't whipe out armor in one go, 'cause you can come back and attack again. Armor damage is accumulative, but shield damage is not! So beams do have to be able to take out shields in one go.

Basically, I make sure I hold enough torps to take out a good chunk of armor so that I don't have to attack over and over and over again, but I don't care about them that much. Maybe only upgrade them to 20 or so techs below beams, so 350 beams and 330 torps would be a finished voy for me (if I weren't going all the way to 350 for everything). Just me...

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