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The Lingo

This is in no particular order, and I'm just writing terms down as the come to me, so I might miss a few. As I think of more to add, I'll make a list, and update this sometime. Maybe I'll alphabetize it sometime. There are repeats for things that fit into multiple categories.

For more information, see respective articles.


AAT - Alien Assault Traders

Now all those annoying 2-letter S ones.

SD - sector defense

SG - a genesis sector, or a complex of genesis sectors.

SM - sector missile

SC - a super cargo ship


pio - pioneer

col/colum - not commonly used. A Columbus class ship.

SC - A super cargo class ship.

endy - endeavor

razor - razor back

voy - voyager

excel- excelsior

BC - battle cruiser (the fed ship)


figs - fighters

torps - torpedoes

SM - sector missile

SG torp - device used to make SGs

pod - escape pod

dig - as a noun, a dignitary.


pod - put into a pod (kill/blow up ship)

SD - occasionally used to mean suicide. Usually sector defense.

dig - as in dig into an SG. This means creating 1 SG sector, then using the "make link back to known space" function to make a link into the back of someone's SG, thus bypassing their SD.

backdoor - as a verb, to dig into an SG. Or, the link created by digging.


TH/Tarnus - Tarnus Harten

PJ - Panama Jack

Moon - Moonraker

PP - PhirePhly?

KZ - Kwae Zar

Max - Max Griswald usually, or Max Headroom

AB/Greg - A-Blitz?

Shess - Shesshomaru

MM - MadMardigan?

Val - Valience

Oak/Oaky - Oakman

Note: this is not a list of important players, nor a list of important players with abbreviations. Just a list of players with abbreviations. Though it is usually the important players that get them. And there's no real order to this, except I did intentionally put TH and PJ at the top as designers, and then Moon and PP, who are usually first or second in the rankings.


KE - kill efficiency, as seen on the rankings page.

RS - real space. This can mean movement (using engines instead of a warp link), or a RS sector, meaning not an SG sector, or, RS in general means the collection of all real space sectors.

SG gate - the RS sector that connects to the SG. May also be used to mean the first defended sector in the SG.

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