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This IS the ship as far as yours truly (LordTonto) is concerned, however I'm hardly one of the greats playing this game right now. To be honest I'd rather sit on the second page hunting for info and throwin'round spies than to be on the first page sitting on 100 planets that I have to check daily while struggling to hold up enough defenses to fend off the thirty or so lesser members eager to carve a reputation outta my ass.

Tech. Level: Minimum/Maximum

Hull: 50/100
Engines: 0/300
Power: 0/100
Fighter Bay: 0/100
Sensors: 100/600
Armor: 0/100
Shields: 0/100
Beams: 0/100
Torpedo Launchers: 0/100
Cloak: 100/600
EMC: 100/600

Average: 31.81/254.54

Price: 52,447,879 Credits
Turns: 250

Nova Bomb: Incapable of launch

This ship isn't terribly versatile, and when it comes to making money it can be very limiting. However if safety is your main concern you need to look no further because this things got LordTonto's 5 star seal of approval. With sensors, cloak, and engines (the only 3 things you'll really need) maxed this ship has an average tech level of 150 even. That means it's fed space legal, you can start all the trouble you want and then cruise on back to Federation Space where nobody can do anything about it. That's if you had 600 sensors and cloak too, which, I'll be honest with you right now, you'll never have. The most you could reasonably expect is level 400, after that it's just outrageously overpriced. 250 is all the engines you really need but if you've got the extra cash, screw it, shoot for 300. Then there's the hull; at level 50 minimum this is a paranoid players dream. Under level 100 hull doesn't even get detected by mines, so you never have to invest a dime in deflectors, and the price of cleaning this thing for spies is cheap as you could ever hope for. The only real danger is in the owners confidence. With this kinda power one might be tempted to cloak right on past those sector defense fighters. It's understandable, they have to be blocking something, right? My advice is to don't try, because a lot of the time you get caught, and any more than 10 fighters is gonna tear your ship a new space-hole... whatever that means.

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