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Structure   (15.8)   Playing the Game  >  Devices  >  Spies
You can get an idea of what spies do from just using them, but if you're too lazy, I guess that's what this is for.

First, you have to have decent cloak to get spies onto planets. Once you get 'em on there, the planet may detect the spy later if your cloak isn't too high, and dignitaries may search for them as well. Also, they can be detected via actively scanning.

On a planet, the the spy will tell you all about the planet, including techs, fighter and whatever levels, credits, colonists, everything. This is how I normally use spies. They're like a 100% accurate scan.

If they spy infiltrates a ship, it will tell you all the same, but even better, the location! Unfortunately, this doesn't work when they are on a planet, as they usually are when logged off, so you've gotta catch 'em online. And also very good is the fact that the spy tells you about planet it sees from the ship. These go in a list of planets it's seen that can be viewed from your spy menu. If the person goes into an SG, this can give you sector names to nav comp for.

On a planet, you will see a list of things the spy can do. I don't remember exactly what these are, but the first three, once the spy starts to do it, that's all it'll do. Stealing interest is worthless, since that's always just about nothing. Birth rate reduction doesn't benefit you either, so I would deselect all those. The best thing is pretty much just doing the lower stuff. Taking over the planet is the best, and if you can be sure the spy won't be found, you can put on five spies, all trying to take over the planet. In a couple days, the planet will probably be yours.


Spies are my (LordTonto) life blood. Without them this game wouldn't be worth the time to play as far as I'm concerned. First, cover the basics. They cost 400,000 credits each at any normal Device Port. 4,000,000 credits at Alliance Device Ports. 500 is the max amount of spies you can have on your ship at any given time (working for you of course, you can have 500 of your spies and 20+ more from other players if you aren't careful.) 5 spies is the max you can have on any given planet.

Spies CAN earn you a bounty if you aren't careful who you're dropping them on. You can find out whether or not a specific planet is game for spies if you go to the "Send Spy to Planet" menu. At the top of it in GIANT RED letters it will say that placing a spy on the planet will result in the Federation placing a bounty on you. See it? No? Then that planet is fair game.

Next you pick the spies movement pattern. The first is to "The spy acts only on that planet." If you use this option the spy will only work on the planet you specify. It's good if you only want to capture a planet or take it's money. Second option is "The spy tries to infiltrate a ship which performs a planetary transfer, if there is nothing to do on the planet." That's the option most often used, the default option. When selecting this, if a player initiates transfer with the planet, a spy will transfer to his ship and be your new best friend, read above for more details. Lastly you could choose "The spy tries to infiltrate a ship which performs a planetary transfer, if there is nothing to do on the planet, and then infiltrate to another planet." This is mainly useful for trying to get a spy on planets behind sector defenses. However it's rarely useful because the planets that can't be accessed by any other means usually belong to players too smart to be caught by spies anyway. This spy hopes for not only a transfer from the planet he's on, to infiltrate the victim, but then hopes for a transfer to another planet, so he can move and act on that planet.

Once the Movement pattern is selected, pick none or more of these jobs:

Sabotage production : Reduces production by a small percentage, hardly useful.
Steal interest : In prior versions planets had large interest rates. Not Anymore.
Decrease birthrate : Potential to be irritating, but little else.
Steal money : This is nice on a developed planet. Five of them are better.
Destroy Torpedoes : Colonists can make torps way faster than spies destroy them.
Destroy Fighters : More useful than wrecking torps, less than stealing money.
Capture the planet : This is a winner. If you've got the cloak, this is the one for you.

If you just want the spy to infiltrate a ship, deselect all the boxes and send him out. If you just want a perfect scan of the planet, send the spy without worrying about what's selected. Otherwise, pick what you want and send the spy. Your infiltration will succeed or fail. If it fails the victim will be warned of your attempt in their log. Any decent player will scan the hell out've their planet after that. However with every extra spy on the planet that increases the odds and speed of your success. So it's kind of a gamble. I personally put 5 on every planet I am concerned with. If you get 5 on the planet without any being caught you are completely covert, by the time the person realizes spies are on the planet you may have already captured it or infiltrated their ship.

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