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Ship Transfers

When you open the IGB screen and click Transfer, you will see a screen that says "Transfer Type" at the top. The first type is to transfer to another ship. To do this, select a player from the drop-down, then click the Ship Transfer button. At this point you are prompted to enter the amount you wish to transfer. At the top it shows how much is in your IGB account, underneath that it shows the maximum amount you can transfer based on your networth (15% of your networth...) Be advised that while it may say the maximum is higher than what you have in your IGB account, you cannot send more than is in your IGB account, this indirectly limits you to sending no more than 100b credits on a normal server. You are also limited to sending credits to one person only once per 24 hours. So, you cannot send 100b credits to someone, and then 100b to them again. You can send 100b to another player, but not the same one. You should also note that a fee is assessed on the transfer, usually 5%. That means if you send 100b credits, the recipient receives 95b.

Created by: MaxGriswald. Last Modification: Sunday 30 of March, 2008 01:20:14 CDT by MaxGriswald.