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Sector Missles

The Sector Missile can be fired by ANY ship and the damage inflicted is based upon the amount of energy being carried by the target ship. The more energy being carried the more damage the ship will suffer.

There is only ONE way to avoid a successfully launched Sector Missile. Your ships sensors must be high enough to defeat the attacking ships cloak tech. When the Sector Missile is launched it assumes the cloak tech level of the ship that fired it. If your sensors do not detect the Sector Missile when it warps into your sector then you WILL get hit.

If your sensors DO detect the incoming Sector Missile you have only TWO ways to avoid being hit. You will try to out maneuver the missile but since it was a surprise attack and the missile is so fast you may not be able to avoid it. The missile takes on the Engine tech of the attacking ship. Since you have been surprised by the Sector Missile your Engine tech level is degraded to 50% of its current tech level. So you may have a very hard time avoiding it.

If you can't avoid the Sector Missile you resort to a last ditch effort with the Emergency Warp Device. The EWD will operate just the same as if you were attacked by a ship in the same sector as your ship.

If the EWD fails then you WILL be hit by the Sector Missile and take damage.

If the target ships sensors detect the incoming Sector Missile an Instant Message and a Log Entry is made giving the NAME of the attacker and the SECTOR NAME where the Sector Missile was fired.

The Sector Missile uses an energy feedback loop through the targets shields. Basically the Sector Missile uses the target ships own defenses to attack itself.

The amount of energy being carried by the target determines how much energy will be used to attack the shields and armor. The more energy, the more damage inflicted. Sixty percent of the available energy is used to attack the shields. The Shield tech will use what it can of the energy that is left to power the shields.

If the shields are depleted by the energy used by the Sector Missile then any remaining energy will attack the ships armor.

The Sector Missile attack may cause ALL of the ships energy to be drained. This really depends upon the amount of energy the ships Shield tech level needs for a single attack and the Power tech level. There could still be some energy left over.

"Firing a SECOND Sector Missile at a ship is going to be a complete waste of time and money. The Sector Missile works off the available energy on the target ship. The first hit by a Sector Missile will usually drain off almost all, if not all energy leaving nothing to be used by a second Sector Missile hit. You should follow a Sector Missile attack with a normal Ship to Ship attack."

I, Valience, put this paragraph in quotes, because PJ wrote it, and out of respect for him I don't want to simply delete it. With all due respect to him though, he doesn't play the game, and doesn't have first hand experience. Second SMs DO do something. The ship may very well have energy left over from the first, and at the very least, this will help to drain energy. And though it isn't extremely likely, it may do more damage. At only like ten million credits a pop, there's no reason not to fire a second time. In all honestly, follow up hits have helped me out a lot in the past. However, I can guarantee that a second SM will not do as much as the first, because there will not be as much energy. Still, that doesn't make it useless.

The target ship may not take any armor damage if it isn't carrying much energy. Ships can reduce the possibility of taking armor damage by carrying less energy but then they open themselves up to normal Ship to Ship attacks.

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