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Sector Genesis Torpedoes

Sector genesis torpedos are what are used to create an SG sector. See this topic for further details.

Sector genesis devices cost 100 million credits, and an additional 100 million * 2^n credits to use if n is the layer of SG you're on. Basically, as you build farther and farther back (use sector genesis torpedos inside of SG sectors making layered SGs) it gets more and more expensive.

Sector genesis torpedos are also used to make links from SG sectors back to known space. This could be other SG sectors, or RS sectors. Finally, if creating a new sector, sector genesis torpedos give you the option of naming your new sector. Don't name it anything that will be obvious it was player-created. Go with G6Q848? or something like that, as opposed to "my sector". If attackers don't know you made it, they won't know to look in it for planets to take.

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