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Sector Defence

Sector defense, or SD, is a collection of fighters that stops you from entering a sector. To upgrade sector defenses, you upgrade sector defense techs on your planets. DO NOT buy sensors or cloak on multiple planets. That's a waste of money. The game only uses the top one. However, upgrading SD fighters on all planets helps save money. The cost of upgrading techs increases faster than how much the techs help, so spreading out your cash is most efficient.

Basically, cloak makes it harder for an attacker to see your SD or to know how many there are. But that's not as important. What's important is that when they attack, higher cloak decreases the number of you fighters they can take out. If they can't see 'em, they can't kill 'em.

SD fighter tech determines how many fighters defend your sector. The more fighters, the harder it is to get into the sector and take your planets.

SD sensors are more important than cloak, and you'll usually upgrade this higher than fighters as well. Higher sensors make it less likely anyone will be able to cloak into your sector. Also, when a person ARs (attack and run) your sector, this will increase the likeyhood your SD does damage to the ship. Finally, when someone attacks your sector head on, this will increase the effectiveness of your fighters.

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