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SG Sectors

Once you get farther into the game, you'll be building more and more (likely) and your planets will be worth more. It is common to build in an SG, or sector genesis (refering to how the are created with sector genesis torpedoes) for increased security.

By building in an SG, there is only one sector from with a prospective attacker can access your planets, even if you've got over one hundred. This is the "gate" sector. It is ill advised to build in the first sector of an SG. Instead, build another SG from it to start a sort of tree. By not building in the first sector, no one will be able to see that the sector is inhabited by merely scanning. Instead, they will actually have to enter it. Since there is no reason for them to, this would only be a random thing as they warp around.

Another important benefit of SGs is that they allow one sector's worth of sector defense to protect many more sectors. This is the "bottle neck" effect. Because the other sectors can not be real spaced into, you have to warp into them, but to warp into them, you have to get through the SD.

If you are an attacker trying to take an SG, you may want to consider using probes. If your probes floating around in the SG ever find the back sector, and it is not tied up with 3 looped links, then you can "dig" into it. This can be done by exiting the SG (DON'T FORGET THE ENTRANCE SECTOR) and creating your own SG. Then, use the "link back to known space option" to create a link to the back of the SG. This will provide a way around the sector defense. This can be done no matter how you got the name of the SG sector. If your spies gave it to you, if you got it from someone else, no matter.

Another way to find SG entries if you know a sector inside is to use the nav computer. Use the nav computer to search for a sector (preferably not deep at all) from any sector you know of with many links (increases chances of success). If this does not work, trying again from another sector until you get a hit, or upgrade your fighter bays. Once this works, create the nav route, and then go to each of the sectors until one turns out to be an SG you can't RS into. The sector before this will be the gate sector, and will give you access to the SG.

Note that an SG sector can only support three warplinks. One will be back to its gate sector, so this leaves you with two potential branches.

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