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Hull: 100 - 150
Engines: 100 - 200
Power: 100 - 300
Fighter bay: 100 - 300
Sensors: 100 - 250
Armor: 100 - 300
Shields: 100 - 300
Beam Weapons: 100 - 300
Torpedoes: 100 - 300
Cloak: 100 - 250
ECM: 100 - 250

Average Tech: 100 - 263.64
Cost: 10,008,903,603

This is the first ship devoted primarily to attacking, though it is very limited. It costs 10 billion credits, but has the same base techs as the 1 billion credit Endeavour: all 100.

First, because of the low engines, this ship eats turns to fly around in. Second, it may be dangerous to attack and run bigger sectors with this ship, as engines are necessary to minimize damage taken. Also, because sensors only go to 250, you can't follow anyone's trail, which is also very limiting.

If you really want an attack ship now, go ahead and buy it, but I would recomend waiting around 'till you make 100B or so for the much more versatile voyager.

Instinct: I tend to use the razorback for laying SD. The Endeavour can do this, too, but its fighter bays and torpedoes only go to level 200. For 100b you can buy a stock Voyager, or a Razorback with nearly 250 Fighter Bay and Torpedo tech levels. This way you don't have to trade in your Columbus or Endeavour to move to a pricey voyager, nor do you need to spend thousands of turns laying SD.

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