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The Rankings page shows the current game leaders by score, but can be sorted by any of the statistics listed.

Score: A measure of the player's net worth.
Rank: Ranks are given based on experience. When you increase or decrease in rank a news item is displayed on FNN. There are no bonuses conferred by higher ranks.
Player: The name of the player.
Onilne: Shows if the player is currently online.
Team: If the player is a member of a team, the team name is listed here.
Kills/Deaths: The total amount of enemy ships a player has destroyed by any means, and the total amount of times the player's ship has been destroyed by any means.
Kill Efficiency: This indicates the average ship size the player has destroyed. If ships are equal in value, the rating is 1000. If it is higher, the player generally destroys ships larger/more valuable than their own in ship to ship combat. If it is lower, the inverse is true.
Captures: The amount of planets the player has successfully captured.
Lost: The amount of planets a player has lost control of.
Built: The amount of planets a player has created using Genesis Torpedoes
Based: The amount of planets a player has constructed a base on.
Destroy: The amount of planets a player has destroyed using Nova Bombs
Good/Evil: The alignment of a player.
Experience: This determines rank and is given for a wide range of actions.
Eff Rating: A measure of a player's use of turns versus net worth. Higher is better.
Turns Used: The total amount of turns a player has exhausted
Last Login: The last time a player was online.

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