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Structure   (13.13.3)   Playing the Game  >  Ships  >  Tech Levels  >  Power
This determines how much energy your ship can hold. Beams and shields require energy, so you'll need to upgrade this if you want to use those, though you really only need it like within 20 tech levels. I personally don't upgrade it more, not because of price, but because of sector missiles.

If you don't know what a sector missile is, you can read that entry in here, but if you do, you know that the more energy you have, the more damage they do. You could just not carry around as much energy as you can hold, but this requires changing the automatic amount of energy you buy at energy ports and everything. It's really much easier just to keep the tech a good bit lower than armor, and not risk it.

Also, if you're playing as a trader at the moment, power is important for trading energy. The more power you have, the more energy you can trade, resulting in higher profits.

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