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Each Sector in space may contain a port. There are several types of ports in the game. Click on a port to visit it. Any transactions made at purchasing or trade ports cost 1 turn

Port Types:

Trade Ports - These ports buy and sell commodities.

Upgrade - This port provides ship upgrades.

Colonist Ports - Colonists can be traded as a commodity, but are less commonly purchased by trade ports and are generally used to populate planets. They are the workers that produce your commodities and credits. Without them your planets produce nothing.

Device Ports - The device port is your primary port for purchasing items to re-enforce your ship and planet. You can purchase escape pods, beacons, genesis devices, spies, etc. You also come to the Device port to clean your ship of spies.

Spacedock - This is your ship's repair station. If your ship's armor is damaged in an attack or minefield, there is a chance that you will receive tech level damage to your ship making it function at reduced tech levels. The Spacedock is the only place you can repair those levels. This costs less than the initial cost of the tech level.

Casino - This is your diversion port. A place where you can win or lose your hard earned credits. Currently there is only a blackjack table and the smugglers den forum. In the future the Casino port will have a more prominent role in how you play the game.
Note: Casino ports are located in an Alliance Zone. Which means there is no protection while you play. So be very careful when playing in the casino.
Also Alliance sectors will effect the prices of your upgrades so be sure your not sitting in a Alliance zone when upgrading your ship.

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