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Planet Transfers

The second type of IGB transfer is a planet-to-planet transfer. This allows you to remotely move planets from one planet to another, without having to go to each location. A small fee is assessed. To do a transfer, select the planet you want the credits to be transfered FROM as the source, and the planet you want the credits to be transferred TO as the destination. Then click Planet Transfer. You'll see a screen that shows how many credits are on the source and destination planets, and you can enter the amount to transfer. Again, be advised that there is a 5% fee. You cannot transfer more credits than the destination planet can hold, and the amount of credits before it is full is listed at the bottom as the "Maximum transfer allowed". Likewise, you cannot transfer more credits than the source planet has on it.

A useful application for this planetary transfer is to get around blockades. If there is a war zone, you are unable to consolidate credits from planets in or behind it, but you can do a planetary transfer from the planets in the war zone to a planet outside the war zone, and then pick them up, or consolidate from there.

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