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Structure   (13.12.1)   Playing the Game  >  Ships  >  Types and Uses  >  Pioneer

Hull: 0 - 150
Engines: 0 - 150
Power: 0 - 150
Fighter bay: 0 - 150
Sensors: 0 - 150
Armor: 0 - 150
Shields: 0 - 150
Beam Weapons: 0 - 150
Torpedoes: 0 - 150
Cloak: 0 - 150
ECM: 0 - 150

Average Tech: 0 - 150
Cost: 10,000

The ship you start in. It can be upgraded to 150 for all techs, but starts with all 0. It can't nova.

When you're podded (ship is blown up) you find yourself in one of these. It will NOT have an escape pod. Make sure you go buy one at Proxima Centari. Also, if you have stored ships, as soon as you find yourself sitting in sol in one of these, IMMEDIATELY upgrade your engines to 150 and buy a pod. You don't want to be kicked into unknown space without engines and without a pod.

With a maximum tech of 150 this ship won't really do much for you. Too small a hull for efficient trading, it'll burn turns using RS moves outside of Fed space, and its attack capabilities aren't incredibly impressive either. Still, it will get you around well enough so you can trade up to a better ship.

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