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Nova Bomb

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Structure   (15.13)   Playing the Game  >  Devices  >  Nova Bomb
Copy and pasted from attacker's manual:

The most obvious use of nova bombs is planetary destruction. After all, this is what happens when the nova bomb is successful. However, nova bombs often serve another, more profitable purpose to a good attacker. If a planet's beams are so high that attacking would be suicidal or if you cannot get past a planet's shields, then nova bombs are necessary. Note to all builders: yes, only two of a planet's eight tech levels ever force us to resort to risky novas! Because when a nova bomb partially fails, it does damage to a planet, these can be used to lower the planet's beam or shield tech levels. Because they also commonly do much damage to a ship, do not use your main ship!!! This is extremely dangerous and stupid. For something like twelve billion extra, you can purchase a separate nova ship. Buy an endeavour, get an escape pod, and upgrade its engines and sensors to 220 to 230. These will get you accross the galaxy in a reasonable amount of turns, and with a few refreshes, you can see most planets. If the bomb fails, your damages will only be around six billion credits, as opposed to what may be as many as a few hundred trillion in a large voyager. You may nova repeatedly until the planet is takeable.

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