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You start your journey from Earth, known as sector Sol, the center of the Federation. All sectors surrounding earth are Federation space. This is very important to know for your first few days. To move to another sector you can use a warp path, or as you upgrade your ship, you can travel through real space (RS).
In the warp menu window you will notice that there are links to other sectors. To go to one of those sectors you just click on that sector's name. A warp link uses 1 turn to move. On the right of a sector's name there is a scan option. Use this option to scan for mines, fighters and other players in that sector. At the bottom of the warp window there is a full scan option. The s full scan option will scan all sectors connected to the current sector and open a window with the results. The full scan option will use one turn, while a single scan will not use turns. During your first few days you can use the full scan option to populate your galaxy map. If you move to a sector that has multiple connecting sectors you can scan all of them at once and keep moving to sectors that have multiple warps. This is a good way to explore the galaxy and fill in your map. In the warp window you will notice that sectors have icons next to them. These icons show what type of port is located in that sector. The port icon tells what the port is selling, but not what they are buying. If the sector has a F=> it is Federation space. This is important to know. If you are lost and need to find your way back to Sol then warp until you get to a federation space sector. From a federation sector you may RS to earth without using too many turns. The green warps mean that the sector has a two way link, one to the sector and one back to your current sector. This makes finding trade routes a lot easier. You can check the ports with green links for the correct corresponding trading commodities. The colored links only relate to Fed space sectors.

Real Space
Not all sectors are connected with a warp tunnel. To get to these sectors you have to travel through real space. Above the Warp window there is a real space window. With this window you can travel through real space to get to your destination. RS uses a lot of turns at the start of the game and when your engines are small. Because of this and for safety its best to stick with warping. At the very top of the real space window is the 3D galaxy position map. This shows where you are in relation to the sectors in the galaxy. Below that is the local real space map. The red dot in the center is where you currently are. The local map will show icons for ports and X's for empty sectors you have already visited. If you have not been to a sector the RS local map will show a question mark. The Federation space sectors will be highlighted in green. Sectors controlled by other players will also be highlighted. If you place your mouse cursor on a sector in the RS box a popup will show how many turns it will take to RS to that sector. You may move (RS) to any sector in the box by just clicking on it. Warning: there is no way to scan a real space sector, so be forewarned you may be warping into a minefield. This may be your only option if you follow a one way warp or get tossed from fed space into a detached sector. As you upgrade your engines your RS turns used will drop. If RS takes 100 turns with a level 1 engine it may only take 10 turns with a level 150 and 1 turn with a level 300. As you can see as you get bigger engines the turns even out.(RS in Fed space uses 25% less turns than normal space.) Under the local real space box is a RS to last sector dropdown arrow. This allows you to return to a sector visited in the last 5-6 moves. Below that is the RS to: box. You may use the box to RS to a sector you enter in the box by hitting the Go button or just determine how many turns it will take to get there with the ? button. You may notice the sector notes options in between the RS map and the RS dropdown.(may be moved to new location in future versions) This option allows you to make or view notes on a sector that you are in. Use this as much as possible. It will keep your desk neater (my wife likes this) and notes are available when you need them.

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