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IGB Savings Account

Each Captain starts the game with an IGB Savings Account. With this, you are able to deposit money into it, and with time, earn interest. It should be noted that on all standard games, the interest earned is negligible, and is not going to provide an alternate source of income. The default interest rate is something like, 0.5% daily. There is also a maximum balance available for the IGB, which is generally set for 100,000,000,000 credits. This may seem like a lot when you first start, but it will be chump change in a no time.

The most important thing about the IGB Savings Account, is that it allows you to store credits up to the maximum balance, with absolutely no risk of losing them, unless you withdraw. This means that even if all of your planets are taken, and you lose all ships, you will still have whatever your account balance is. That is why, one of my first goals when starting on a server, is getting my IGB Savings Account to max. Only once I do that, do I try and spend money on things such as, nice ships and more planets. Certainly, you need to do some ship upgrades, and probably one new ship before working on your savings account, or else you would never have income, but always try and put your income into your savings account once you get started.

As an example, a Voyager costs about 100b credits, for a stock model. I will not buy a Voyager, unless I have at least 200b credits, 100b in the bank, and then the price of the Voyager. That way if I lose my new Voyager, I still have a nest egg and won't be helpless.

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