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Structure   (11.12)   Playing the Game  >  Planets  >  Home Planet
This planet can be designated in the options menu. This will be where you respawn if you are killed. The default is "none," which is a little misleading. It doesn't mean you don't respawn, or that you respawn in some sort of oblivion ;) I just means you appear in sol after you die. Before the home planet system was put into effect, this is where everyone respawned.

Setting one's home planet can be very useful. If you have stored ships somewhere, you can set your home planet to the planet that your ships are on. Then, you can hop into one of your ships right away, without having to worry about buying engines for your pio and getting back to your planets. And if your planets are behind enemy SD, you're really in for it. This fixes that.

A caution, though: you will appear in an undefended pioneer WITHOUT a pod! So don't put your home planet where you sleep while you're offline. That'd be a really bad idea, because it means that if anyone pods you, you just reappear in the same spot, now in a pio without a pod. Now they can kill you out of the game.

You cannot be killed in sol, and no one can see you. Also, you will never be kicked out of sol if you have been killed and spawned there until you log in. The problem is that once you log in, you only have at most five minutes to get engines and a pod and then get to your stuff before you're kicked out.

So maybe, while you're online, put your home planet to your main base, but when you log off, set it to none, or an alternative, defended location where your ships are stored OTHER THAN WHERE YOU SLEEP!

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