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Gloating 101

Some people just crack me up. They pod you in a stealth while you were sleeping and then they tend to act like they should be nominated for some great killing prize, by gloating about it in the shout box.
So now the time comes to teach some of you the rules of gloating.

Rule #1 In the process of busting said sector, do not lose a ship in the attempt... should you lose that ship and then kill a ship of equal or lesser value, you have no gloating rights... they have now become null and void.

Rule #2 Shooting a players ship while they are off line should only be gloated about if that ship is worth anything to that player. A high level player would not regard a stealth as a deletable kill. If it were a Voyager or an excelsior, then, and only then, do you have gloating rights.

Rule #3 Shooting players while they ARE ONLINE opens up gloating rights. You can pretty much gloat anytime and for any ship you kill when the player is online. Primarily because there is risk involved with any online attack. You just never know what will happen while attacking players online.

Rule #4 If you kill a player out of the game, you can gloat, but what good does it do you... thats like talking to a wall. Unless there are teammates in which case then you can gloat.

Rule#5 Gloating requires a sense of style. Do not use any other players methods of gloating. This just makes you another loser copycat. Gloating is a skill and doing it right with the right finesse will cause a player reading the shout box a little chuckle... the goal is to have fun, gloat too much and then you just look like an ass.

Rule#6 You have a right to gloat over a hated enemy's misfortune. Any time a mortal enemy loses a ship, gloating rights are opened. Usually this happens when a player is a loudmouth on the shoutbox, and makes a bunch of enemies. Then you get to see dozens of people gloating and praising the killer.

Created by: admin. Last Modification: Sunday 30 of March, 2008 22:20:32 CDT by MaxGriswald.