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Game Settings

In short, the game settings are the most important piece to how a game works. The settings will determine things like, colonist birthrate, income production, whether a game is a bounty or no bounty game, if there is a newbie nice system, how much energy is used by fighters, what tech levels are allowed to stay in Federation space, etc.

Game settings are only accessable by the administrator of each game. When installing/creating your game you have the change to tweak / adjust these settings. You can set up a game in 'normal' mode or 'tournament' mode. Tournament mode allows you to set start and finish date as well as all of the other settings.

If you are setting up your game, then I would suggest that you run with the standard settings first to make sure that all parts of the game are working. Look around in the admin area, but don't make any 'major' tweaks without testing first.

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