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Hull: 250 - 600
Engines: 250 - 600
Power: 250 - 600
Fighter bay: 250 - 600
Sensors: 250 - 600
Armor: 250 - 600
Shields: 250 - 600
Beam Weapons: 250 - 600
Torpedoes: 250 - 600
Cloak: 250 - 600
ECM: 250 - 600

Average Tech: 250 - 600
Cost: 1,580,819,179,017

Basically, this ship has unlimited techs. All tech levels go to 600, which you will never, NEVER be able to afford. Everything I said for the voyager goes for this though.

Really, not many players will ever need this ship. This is for people who need more than 350 for any given tech. If you do expect to get that high (not many do), go ahead and buy this. The top five players in the main game may need these, but few else.

Really, it only costs 1 trillion, or ten times a stock voyager, so it isn't that awfully expensive, but there's nothing better about it than about a voyager if you don't plan on finishing the game extremely rich.

Just for demonstration purposes, here's how much a stock excel costs me right now (this changes with the number of ships you get blown up so may not be the same for you): 1,580,819,179,017. That's higher because I've lost a few ships.

Here's what it would cost to upgrade this to its capacity (only a rough estimate): 99,355,181,540,000,000,000,000

That's 99 sextillion, 355 quintillion, 181 quadrillion, 540 trillion. Most people don't make much more than 10 quadrillion that I'm aware of, though some of the best and biggest builders may get past that.

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