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Structure   (13.13.2)   Playing the Game  >  Ships  >  Tech Levels  >  Engines
Engines are used more than you may think. In the beginning of the game, the most important function for them is transportation. As engine techs go up, fewer turns are required for RS transportation. This means you can scout and trade more efficiently.

The next most important function of engines is in attack and running sector defenses. Higher engine tech means less armor damage since your ship can "run" faster.

Engines also help in online combat. When someone's trying to pod you, they first need to engage you in combat. If your engine tech is much higher than theirs, they won't get you at first, and will need to refresh the page. This gives you reaction time. You have the chance to notice what they're doing to get out of there. The same goes for sector missiles.

Finally, if you're asleep on a planet being nova bombed, having higher engines increases the chances that you'll be able to flee the planet before your ship gets destroyed in addition to the planet.

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