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Emergency Warp Device

This has a chance of engaging when you are attacked, though they fail a lot. Bigger ships have a lower chance of them working. When I say bigger ship, I mean like a voyager as opposed to an endeavour, not level 300 hulls as opposed to 200.

These really don't engage very often for bigger ships, so don't rely on them. Also, they still leave a trail, so anyone with over 300 sensors can follow you to whereever you warped to. So they're most effective early in the game.

They actually can do something in bigger ships. If the player chooses to use an EWD rather than relying on it automatically kicking in (obviously requires player being logged in) it will always work. This is an easy way to warp out of big SGs that you don't feel like manually warping out of. And it can serve as a very quick means of getting you away from whereever you are.

On this last note, you can bet that it's saved me at least fifteen or so times from Tarnus. As soon as I see his ship in my sector, you can bet my finger's on the "e" button in the blink of an eye. This means he has to scan 'till he sees my trail (usually not long with his superior sensors) and then has to move his mouse to click on the link. That gives me time to run to sol. I'm sure if I had moved my mouse to the RS to whereever box and had to type in "sol" I'd have been dead.

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