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Structure   (9.11)   Playing the Game  >  Sectors  >  Debris
Debris are randomly generated caches of scrap and junk, presumably from previous ship battles. The game places debris in Sectors at random. Clicking on Debris will tell your crew to search it for anything useful. You can find money, technology, or even set off warp devices and be transported elsewhere. You might also find nothing.

The admin can set and change the maximum amount of Debris allowed in the universe at once. Check the Game Settings to find out how much debris is allowed in your game.

Note by Val: Debris can be dangerous!!! Think before you click. You can find military upgrade packages that increase a tech by five or something. At a high level, that's really a lot of money you gain for nothing. But you can also find nasty things like nova bombs that damage all your techs by ten, which hurts a lot more. If you're carrying around 50T, you can find pirates that board your ship and steal half of it. Only use debris if you're sure it's worth the risk. It's most worth it if you're carrying little money or you have a small ship.

Another note: if you are going to risk it, know when you're likely to strike it rich. When a big ship is destroyed, parts of its worth go into debris, so when one of the top five gets podded or something, you could find debris with 100T or so. I've see new players that've spent maybe a day in the game find debris like that and fly up to page one on the rankings.

And when I say shortly after one of the big guys gets blown up, that means up to a few weeks. Debris usually floats around for a time similar to that before being picked up.

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