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Cloak does a few things. First, when you're ARing a sector, it determines whether or not you take damage. This cannot be relied upon to make it safe though. I really don't take ARing into consideration when upgrading cloak.

For me, the most important thing cloak does is cover up spies. I use cloak as my sensors in a way. By sending spies to a planet, you get a 100% accurate description of the planet. That doesn't happen with scans. And spies do more than that, but you should read the wiki about spies to learn about them.

Cloak also makes it less likely that your trail will be noticed in space, and when both you and an enemy are online and your enemy is trying to attack you, it can make it less likely the the enemy will get an adequate lock on your ship, buying you time to run off to sol, or fight back (go for the latter whenver possible).

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