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I'm not primarily a builder, and whenever anyone that is comes along and decides to redo this, be my guest, but since it's blank for now, I'll go ahead and write something.

Builders build planets, and that's how they make money. Basically, you use a ship with good hulls to populate a planet you've built. In the beginning of the game, you'll probably build in real space, but later, move into an SG. That's really imperative. For the benefits of an SG, read that topic.

The mortal enemy of the builder is the attacker. Builders are how attackers make their money. They take the biulder's money. If you're a builder, you'll want to stop them from doing this. This is done with planetary defense, and more importantly, sector defense. You can read a little more about this in its own topic, but I'll say that sector defense stops people from entering the sector, so it stops them from taking any planets in the sector, and if it's an SG, it stops them from taking any planets in any sectors behind that one.

An extremely important thing to keep in mind is that the higher a percentage of max credits the planet has on it, the faster it makes credits. Credit production is boosted linearly from a coefficient of 1 to 3 as the percentage increases from 0 to 100.

Now I'll go through a bit of logic for you. Basically, planetary techs determine how well your planets defend themselves. They also determine the max credits on the planet. If you don't want to keep LOADS of money on your planet in order to get a high credit percentage and high production, you need a low amount for max credits. That means low planetary techs. This means your planets can't defend themselves well. This translates into: Invest in SD!!! And also, considering you get up to a three fold boost in credit production if you keep it near max credits, you really should try.

Everyone has different preferences, and I've got nothing over anyone else, especially not players who are primarily builders, but I keep my planets at 255 tech. These hold a bit over 7T, and something like 13% of that is 1T. If I consolidate 13% every 24 hours, I get 1T from each of my planets each day, since the planet just has time to replenish the 1T from the last day, and it means I never go below 87% max credits, so I keep high efficiency.

Since I make 1T per planet per day, more planets means more money. It is important to build lots of planets to make lots of money. I stop at around 30, which is why I don't call myself a builder. Some build well into the hundreds, and make LOADS.

Finally, there's the don't keep all yours eggs in one basket theory. If you build more SGs and lose one, you're not destroyed. However, I like to just build one, and upgrade the SD more. Having only one SG allows me to invest more in keeping that one safe, and makes it less likely that I will lose it. This is also just a matter of preference.

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