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The Bounty system is supposed to control larger players from constantly attacking smaller players.
A player can only attack others within 25% below their score without getting bounty. This is commonly called bounty range. If a player attacks a player below this range the Federation will place a bounty on this player. Once a player has a bounty any other player in the game may attack them without fear of bounty themselves.

The player must pay this bounty amount of money to the Federation or the Federation will either attack their ship to cause damage in the amount of the bounty, or tell others where the player is. The Federation will also block access to all ports by anyone with a Fed Bounty just like with an overdue loan. This means no upgrades, devices or even energy or fighters to attack with. Your planetary shipyard is blocked also. Some recommend getting a loan to pay the bounty to avoid getting attacked. Just be sure you can pay back the loan in 24 hours or you will again be blockaded from ports.

Players can see who has a bounty by accessing a planet menu and looking under the Place or View Bounties option.
The star system on the Ranking page denotes bounty range. A player with Two Yellow star cannot attack you without getting bounty (exceptions apply), One Yellow star means they can attack your planets but not your ship. One Red star means you can attack that players planets but not ship, and attacking a person or planet with Two Red stars will give you a bounty. You may scan a planet and it will tell you if it will be bounty or not. You may not even send a spy to a bounty planet.

Exceptions to the bounty rule.
Or Ways to Exploit the rule...twisted
One way to attack a lower ranked player without getting bounty is if he is on a team with some one you can attack bounty free. If you and the teammate have score's of 100 million, you may attack any player on that players team, even if their score is Zero. The Developers reasoning is that your teammates should help protect you and help you grow. I caution joining any team that is much larger than you. You should stay with teammates that are near you in size.
Another way to attack anyone bounty free is if you own the majority of planets in a sector. If you own 4/5 of planets in a sector then you may attack any player in that sector. This is the only way a larger player can effectively protect his territory.

Apr 13, 2008 - 2:34am
Posted By: Panama Jack
We will be making a change to the bounty system in the main game this weekend. So this is a warning to those players getting bounties on purpose.

We have noticed that the bounty system just isn't being effective in stopping large players from preying on newbies. It is causing some new players to be driven away from the game and we can't have this. The bounty system was intended to prevent larger players from doing this but it is failing. The current Alliance/Federation attacks on players with unpaid bounties is going to stay unchanged. If a player has 3 or more unpaid Federation or Alliance bounties then the Federation or Alliance would attack the player once a day until the bounties were paid down. This, unfortunately, isn't stopping the top players.

There is a bounty countdown counter for every player. Every time a player gets a bounty this counter is incremented by one. If you get three bounties in a row this counter will be set to 3. The counter will slowly start counting down and it takes almost 4 days to remove ONE bounty from the counter. This counter has been used as a multiplier for the bounties placed on the player. We added this a long time ago to make the money that had to be paid really hurt the more bounties a player racked up. It should have made it cost prohibitive to attack players who would give you a bounty. Unfortunately some teams have have found a loophole and are funneling money to an attack player. This way the player could pay their bounties down and still attack low ranked players. We have decided to PLUG this hole.

We will be adding two more levels of Federation/Alliance attacks on players who get bounties.

The first level is the current one where the Alliance/Federation will attack a player once a day until the bounties are paid down below 3 bounties.

The second, new level will not check on unpaid bounties. This level will check the Alliance and Federation bounty countdown. Any players with 6 or more bounties on their countdown timer will be attacked once a day until the countdown timer goes below 6. There is NOTHING the player can do to stop the federation from attacking. Paying off their bounties will not stop the attacks. Only time will eventually stop the attacks.

The third, new level is by far the worst. This level will also check the Alliance and Federation bounty countdown. Any players with 10 or more bounties on their countdown timer will have the Alliance/Federation CONFISCATE the most valuable ship the player owns. If the player is on the ship when confiscated the player will be placed in a PIONEER. The countdown timer will then be reduced by 1. If the player hit 10 on their counter the most expensive ship would be confiscated and the counter dropped to 9. If the player was silly enough to get 11 bounties then one one ship will be confiscated and counter dropped to 10. The next day ANOTHER ship will be confiscated and the counter dropped to 9. The Federation/Alliance will confiscate one ship per day until the bounty countdown timer goes below 10.

The players will have absolutely NO control over how fast the countdown timer drops but they do have control over it going up. They just have to stop attacking players that will give them a bounty.

We didn't want to do this but circumstances in the main game have made it clear there must be a change. Look for these changes to come into effect sometime this weekend.

We have lowered any players who have a bounty counter over 5 down to 5. So you have a grace period. If any player goes OVER 5 between now and when we implement this change then too bad. You will have to pay the piper or the Federation/Alliance in this case.

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