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Beams, along with torpedos, are the main offensive techs used in combat. Fighters are important as well, but they don't do direct damge; they only assist in the fight by destroying torpedos. Fighters are more important for destroying sector defense.

Basically, beams are better at taking out shields, and torps are better at taking out armor. You'll need a LOT of beams to take out shields (not a 1:1 ratio), and since planets get a 20 level boost, you're beams will need to be around 35 levels higher than the planetary shields if you want to avoid a nova bomb. Ship to ship is a different story. A smaller ship could actually beat a bigger ship if the smaller ship initiated attack, since there's something like a 40% reduction in the attacked ship's stats to account for the element of surprise, so it's really MUCH easier to blow up a ship than a planet.

Basically, you need beams to take out shields, and then torps to take out armor, but if your beams don't do the job, there is a chance torps will finish off the shields and then do a reduced amount of damage to armor. Conversely, if the beams destroy the shields and there are plenty left over, the may do a good amount of damage to the armor, making taking the planet much easier.

Finally, remember: beams require energy, so always go buy a energy port after an attack to reload! Oh, and one last thing, beams have access to 60% of your overall energy. So if your beams take 100 energy, you carry 150 energy, and your shields take 10 energy, 150-10=140 should leave you plenty of energy for beams, but since they can only take 60%, that's just 90 energy that's going to them. 50 energy will be unused.

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