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Alien Assault Traders is a multiplayer turn based space trading game. Where players use turns that are accumulated over time to trade good and build empires and take over the universe.

This game started out as a fork from the Nova Gaming System and Black Nova Traders. We saw great promise in the game but thought the direction being taken by the original authors was too limited.

So we sat down and came up with many ideas that would foster long term gameplay and allow great expansion of the game.

We have added many new features that great expand upon the game that everyone has welcomed with open and eager arms.

With the release of .20 the game took an evolutionary step and plays quite a bit different than its predecessors. With version .30 we took another leap by porting everything to classes and made the playing field much more even. Classes make things communicate better inside the game and easier to add more items later.

The game is still evolving as the players are always coming up with new ideas. arrowPlease check the forums before submitting an idea, as there are many we have not implemented.

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