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Alignment is a modifier designed to allow certain players to attack one another regardless of score. The server setting "neutral_safezone" determines the range by which players are always defined as neutral, to prevent newer players being affected.

Once you have racked up enough points to be moved out of the safe zone, your alignment is put in comparison to every other player. This means that your alignment might be good, even though you are performing 'evil' deeds, simply because there are other players who are considered much more 'evil' than you.

The server settings "neutral_neg_percent" and "neutral_pos_percent" determine the percentile ranges players must fall in to be labelled evil or good, respectively.

Attacking other players and destroying planets is considered evil (Unless you are attacking a player who is evil)
Colonising planets and trading commodities are considered good acts.

Balancing your alignment is important to protect yourself from larger players, who can attack you bounty free if you are of the opposite alignment.

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